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What our patients are saying...

As always, very personable and considerate. Treatment is only done as needed, not because "it's time." Keeps costs very reasonable. Dennis S.

It was very nice to be back...Doc was very understanding as well as Stacey, who is sharp as a tack and understands the finance end of delivery. Glad to be back! Daniel P.

I heard getting your wisdom teeth out was a huge pain. Dr. Haerens made getting my wisdom teeth out a breeze. I could not have asked for a better job. Harrison A.

Dr. Haerens is the best dentist I have come across in a long time. He and his staff demonstrate a high level of professionalism and care. I am going to recommend his services to all I know. Christopher C.

I appreciate you guys. I love my dentist and staff!! Thank you. Charlotte M.